Welcome to Meditation Music.co.uk

We aim to be your favourite place to come for some soothing music to use as an aid to meditation.

Meditation isn't easy to master at first, but with a little effort you could considerably change your life. Not to mention the lives of your loved ones as well. Perseverance will bring results, and surprisingly quickly too.

Please note that the service provider for this station, Live365, will insert commercials and promo's between the tracks. However if you like what you hear and would like to experience a un-interrupted music feed you can do so by becoming a preferred member for a few dollars a month. You can even try the preferred member scheme free for 5 days. Simply click here.

The content of the playlist is specifically designed to concentrate on the tracks of a more ambient nature. Tracks which promote the meditative experience. You may also enjoy our healing and relaxation music channel. In fact we hope that you'll enjoy both channels when they are appropriate to your circumstances.

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Smooth Jazz Radio
Meditation Music.co.uk broadcasts through Live365.com. All music streams from the USA and is licensed through the relevant bodies